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Tourism[ edit ] There are various visitor attractions including: Bhima Devi Temple Site Museum nicknamed Khajuraho of North India for its erotic sculptures, comprises the restored ruins of an ancient Hindu temple dating from between 8th and 11th century AD. The hills were named for Queen Morni, who is said to have ruled this city. The work of creating the gardens began in the seventeenth century. Pinjore Gardens is the venue for an annual mango festival. The garden houses a mini zoo, historic places, Japanese garden, nursery and a number of picnic spots. According to Hindu theology, the Pandava brothers rested in Pinjore during their exile. Kaushalya Dam is an earth-filled barrage dam on Kaushalya river in Pinjore. It is an important wetland that is home of many endangered migratory birds. Tau Devi Lal Cricket Stadium has a cricket stadium, badminton hall, football ground, athletic Track and accommodation facilities for the sports persons.


Zimbabwe news The latest and breaking news from Zimbabwe. With an enrolment of 17 students, MSU cannot accommodate half of its students, and the learners are left to their vices. To cut down on costs most students in relationships have no option, but to co-habit, but this obviously comes with the risks of unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and being exposed to HIV and Aids. A fourth year student, who only identified himself as Tinashe, said he stays with his second year girlfriend, as they make efforts to cut down on living costs.

He said the exorbitant campus residence fees had left them with no option but to “move in together”. But when pressed if their parents would approve of the “unsanctioned marriage”, Tinashe was quick to point out that the tough college life needed survival strategies.

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This application will allow hunters to notch their permit and Telecheck their harvest directly from their deer or turkey permit within the application, using an easy-to-use form. MO Hunting also enables hunters to view all deer and turkey which they have previously checked and the associated details. This is different from the digit number on the front of the card. Their Conservation Number can also be found on any current or previous permit.

For more help locating their Conservation Number, users can call during regular business hours, and ask for the permits office, or go to http: Effective July 1, , the Wildlife Code of Missouri requires hunters, anglers, and trappers to carry either a signed hard copy or an electronically signed digital copy of the prescribed permit with them while actively engaged in hunting, fishing, or trapping. The signed paper or digital copy of the permit should then be exhibited to any officer charged with the enforcement of this Code upon request, or to any transportation company or postal employee when presenting wildlife for shipment.

After harvesting a deer or turkey it is still necessary to immediately notch the month and date of harvest on your permit, which you can now do within the MO Hunting application. You must telecheck your harvest by


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Former Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development deputy minister Godfrey Gandawa was today issued with an arrest warrant after he failed to turn up for his corruption trial relating to the Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund (Zimdef).

Kennedy — there are numerous problems with the claims that form the “big picture” of their book. While the authors hardly go out of their way to emphasize the New Orleans aspect of their theory, it is nothing less than crucial to their “follow the guns” scenario, and it relies almost wholly on the convictions of “an American original” 2 –that “flamboyant” 3 but “frequently pilloried former New Orleans DA Jim Garrison.

On the other hand, the La Fontaines note, “Only the Camp Street building” 13 — where Garrison suspect Guy Banister had an office, and where the authors theorize Oswald used an office on the second floor 14 — “can put Oswald in the company of other ‘conspirators. Later, as we’ll see,” the authors write,” even after he was back in Dallas According to the La Fontaines, if there was a conspiracy to assassinate John F.

Kennedy, only “one group” 25 could have been responsible for involving Oswald — in whatever capacity he was involved — and that group is the DRE. The seizure of the cache — according to the La Fontaines — was a “turning point” 30 “in the eyes of the extremist CIA, Mafia, and Cuban exile elements — the incident that finally convinced this alliance of convenience that John Fitzgerald Kennedy was hopelessly ambivalent, a condition for which a permanent solution was required.

Banister will be discussed shortly; first let’s look at the DRE. Bringuier was then one of those whom Oswald debated on WDSU radio, a debate that resulted from publicity generated by the Canal Street incident. For Oswald to have learned of the DRE arms cache through his association with Carlos Bringuier, the following three things must be true: Oswald and Bringuier must have begun their association prior to July 31, — the date the cache was seized — not on August 5, the date Bringuier claims.

Even if Oswald was not the informant for the July 31 raid, the third point must be true for the La Fontaines’ overall theory to be valid. According to the La Fontaines, Oswald had to have been collaborating with the DRE in New Orleans, or else their entire theory collapses, as the DRE is the “only group” they theorize to have been able to involve Oswald in the assassination. It’s not that simple, however.

Graca Machel never forgave Mugabe ‘marriage snub’

October 17, Muguira walked into lecture hall on Sept. The three share a similar history, each making a nearly miraculous trek from Havana to Miami to the hallowed halls of MIT.

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The purchase In the s, the British Empire faced political unrest in her colonies and against other countries, namely the Indian Mutiny of and the Crimean War. This prompted the British government in Singapore to further fortify the island, a commercially and militarily important colony of Great Britain, and house European troops separately from native soldiers.

To prepare for and house the influx of British troops, the government bought over Mount Harriet and started construction for Tanglin Barracks. Before the purchase, garrisons in Singapore were mostly located at Fort Canning and areas around the city centre. Their proximity to the commercial district caused merchants to worry that their warehouses would be destroyed during a military crossfire. Acknowledging their concern, the British government bought the Mount Harriet plot, which was in an outlying area, to station the new troops.

The first barracks were built at the area where Dempsey Hill and the Loewen cluster are now. There were ten service barracks for 50 men each. From A history of the Singapore Volunteer Corps, — All rights reserved, National Library Board, Singapore Barrack Architecture With thatched attap roofs and square columns, the original structures at Tanglin Barracks incorporated plenty of windows and doorways to provide as much fresh air as possible.

In , the thatched roofs were replaced with more durable red French tiles that have remained to this day.

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Stumble Shares 1 TOP MDC-T hawks have reportedly scaled up the campaign for an extraordinary congress in February next year to force party leader Morgan Tsvangirai to step down on health grounds and allow the opposition party to choose a successor ahead of the upcoming general elections. Although the pair has denied allegations of angling to take over the MDC-T leadership, well-placed sources confirmed that the fights turned murkier recently as Tsvangirai was spending most of his time undergoing cancer treatment in South Africa.

The letter accused Mwonzora of featuring on a South African radio talkshow to call for an extraordinary congress to remove Tsvangirai as party leader. The contents of the letter were widely circulated after Mwonzora last week went public suggesting that the MDC-T should by-pass the MDC Alliance and field its own parliamentary and local government candidates in all contested seats across the country.

He argued that the MDC Alliance was taking long to conclude negotiations on sharing of seats. The remarks angered Tsvangirai, who immediately chastised his lieutenant for jumping the gun and overstepping his duties.

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Fresh details revealed…MDC-T hawks plot Tsvangirai ouster before elections

A look at Linbrook Road on October 4, the day after significant sewage water flooded the street and several homes in West Hartford. Crews excavated part of the road Thursday and used a closed-circuit television camera to assess the damage. MDC has been working in the area to replace aged water and sewer lines.

Airport ’77 PM September 29 ADMISSION FREE MDC Live Arts Lab, NE Second Avenue, Room Airport ’77, the penultimate film of the popular s franchise, stars James Stewart as a super-rich art lover who packs his personal with art treasures and several dozen of .

He said he is doing so under protest because he was not given a transcript of allegations made against him, despite six written requests. He is also protesting President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s appointment of the commission because he says he is conflicted. Biti said “A dubious nexus is being made between my pronouncement on July 31 that Nelson Chamisa had won the election based on MDC data from polling station and the protests of August 1.

It’s a joke Cde Chairperson. I hardly k Finland nationals killed in Zimbabwe plane crash were on hunting expedition TWO of the people who died in a light aircraft crash in Masvingo last week have been identified as top business executives in Finland. Four people died on the spot when the privately-owned six-seat single-engine Cessna S plane crashed at Chamanjirenji Hills near the Tokwane-Ngundu area.

Three of the victims were from the Eur Gays and lesbians meet Zimbabwe’s MPs ZIMBABWE’S gays and lesbians continued to make inroads in their campaign for acceptance when they hosted parliament’s health portfolio committee Saturday where they took time to highlight facing difficulties in accessing health services from the country’s public institutions.


Testifying before the Commission of Inquiry into the August 1 incident, Justice Chigumba said the loss of life was regrettable. She said the incident took the commission by surprise as the build-up to election day was peaceful. Justice Chigumba said MDC-Alliance, particularly its leadership, displayed wanton disregard of the law even before the elections by making provocative statements and threatening to make unofficial announcement of election results. Some commissioners were issued with death threats and derogatory remarks were being made against my person in particular.

She said they also learnt from sources that the reason for the demonstrations was the allegation that they had delayed the announcement of the Presidential results and that some shenanigans were underway to steal the MDC-Alliance purported victory.

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While the two countries have variant political systems, they have on numerous occasions co-operated on international treaties and supported each other. However, relations deteriorated when President Khama took over from Festus Mogae in President Khama had his reasons: The beauty of diplomacy has always been its capacity to tip-toe political minefields. In diplomacy, style counts. Both leaders appear to be pragmatists not known for ambiguity or bombastic statements.

There is no doubt that they will find common ground to strengthen political ties for the mutual good of their two countries. State visits are considered the highest expression of friendly bilateral relations between two sovereign states and are characterised by emphasis on official public ceremonies. The fact that President Khama is the first in the region to extend such an invitation to President Mnangagwa speaks volumes of his keenness to see relations blossom.

However, according to a trade expert based in Gaborone, Jones Nyamupachitu, the increase which was under the Trade Agreement still fell short of expectations as there was greater potential for growth. Trade interaction was, for the larger part, marred by persistent disputes and conflicts. At one stage, conflicts threatened to disrupt the entire trade by the closing of borders.

Much of the problems are historical and while some Zimbabwe-Botswana bilateral trade interactions have their cradle in the colonial era, a lot has happened post where trade agreements were updated.

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References. Geographic Names Information System (GNIS), developed by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), a bureau of the U.S. Department of the Interior. Conservation apolis Historic Preservation Commission (IHPC) and the Metropolitan Development Commission (MDC).

Linda posted on micro-blo9gging site Twitter com The same scenario hap Mnangagwa, who bounced back a few days after being fi As the country celebrates the first anniversary of Zimbabwe’s rebirth, there is reason to celebrat After 37 years of Mugab For those who do not know who he is, Kunaka, was the leader of the infamous Chipangano, a gangster group based in Mbare that caused untold suf Thokozani Khuphe has come under fire after being quoted on state media that MDC member were trained in acts of sabotage by a group of Serbians.

The question of a new Zimbabwe in the name of the n

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