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Karaman province of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror in as the 4th State has established a center in the city of Konya. Enlarged in the 17th century boundaries of Karaman province of Konya Province was named after the Tanzimat period, changed its name. Karatay madrasa Cutting stone, glazed and unglazed ceramic ornament is compatible with marble and cohesion that make up the most important part of the structure be observed dome and the walls of the courtyard, fully tiled.

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More from my site Only a few commoners are fortunate to attend the royal wedding. The cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason is the handpicked performer who entertained the wedding guests. So, who is Sheku Kanneh-Mason? Are you willing to explore Sheku Kanneh-Mason wiki facts? Who is Sheku Kanneh-Mason? The Making of a Maestro.

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Unmissable landmarks of Konya include Ince Minare Museum containing artefacts dating to the Ottoman and Seljuk eras, Konya Archaeology Museum and Alaeddin Hill. To gain peace and tranquillity, visitors can venture to Japon Parki.

Between and , Konya was the administrative capital of Karaman Eyalet. During the Tanzimat period, as part of the vilayet system introduced in , Konya became the seat of the larger Vilayet of Konya which replaced Karaman Eyalet. Turkish War of Independence[ edit ] Greeks from Konya. Konya had a major air base during the Turkish War of Independence. At the same time a significant influx of Albanians came and settled in the area.

The Meram highway was constructed in This administration was converted into a municipality in Geography[ edit ] Konya is the center of the largest province, the largest plain Konya Plain and is among the largest cities in the country. It is the seventh most populated city in Turkey. The land is broad and flat with a lot of lowlands and plateaus.

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Altitude m Konya, ancient Iconium, is one of the oldest urban centers in the world. Excavations in the city indicate a settlement dating from at least the 3rd Millennium BC. According to a Phrygian legend of the great flood, Konya was the first city to rise after the deluge that destroyed humanity. Still another legend ascribes its ancient name to the Eikon image , or the Gorgon’s Head, with which Perseus vanquished the native population before founding the Greek city.

After the collapse of the Hittite Empire, the Phrygians established a large settlement there. It was Hellenized gradually from the 3rd Century BC and became a self-governing city, largely Greek in language, education, and culture.

Our researches lead to that in an important monument and site dating to the aforementioned period were discovered at Hatip village in Meram-Konya. The results of these studies are important both for regional history and for the history of Anatolia.

Turkey is one of the top ten destinations in the world, according to number of visitors and revenues. The sandy beaches are splendid and the sea, especially the Aegean coastline, is the most amazing. It is a mildly cold sea that allows for a refreshing experience. This may surely be the highlight of your Turkey vacation. Turkey is extraordinary rich in history. Did you know that Turkey hosts the most arhaeological sites in the world? Anatolia is the birthplace of many civilizations, empires, historic figures and legends.

Peter are among some of the countless important sites to visit in your Turkey vacation. Turkey has the most amazing luxury and boutique hotels in the world, especially in Antalya region. The lavishness and the extravaganza in these hotels are probably unmatched since most of them cater to Russian oligarchs and tourists as well. On the other side, you may find the most beautiful hotels at very affordable rates due to intense competition among travel agencies.

Authentic gifts, carpets, rugs, kilims are among the tourist favorites and shopping is breeze if you know where to go. There are more artistic features and special creativity in Turkish carpets than any other carpet in the world. Each region has different traditions, their own arts, music and foklore, and even their eating habits are totaly unique to the region.

8,000-year-old female figurine uncovered in central Turkey

Early life Emir Timur feasts in the gardens of Samarkand. Uzbek Temir, Turkish Demir. Later Timurid dynastic histories claim that he was born on April 8, , but most sources from his lifetime give ages that are consistent with a birthdate in the late s. Historian Beatrice Forbes Manz suspects the date was designed to tie Timur to the legacy of Abu Sa’id Bahadur Khan , the last ruler of the Ilkhanate descended from Hulagu Khan , who died in that year.

In his childhood, Timur and a small band of followers raided travelers for goods, especially animals such as sheep, horses, and cattle.

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The Churches of Galatia? When Paul writes to the Galatians, is he writing to one of the churches or to all of them? Does that mean he made multiple copies of the same letter, or that he wanted the one letter to circulate? Galatians, the “most authentic” of the Pauline epistles, raises more questions than it answers.

If its pugnacious author was, in reality, an early Christian missionary, then the letter is perhaps the first record of his clash with competitors over a territory he had claimed for himself. Paul’s letter was ostensibly addressed to “the churches of Galatia” but gives no clue as to precisely where those churches were located. Speculation falls into two camps, the “north Galatian” theory, centred on the original Gallic tribes; and the “south Galatian” theory, centred on towns in Romanized Pisidia-Lycaonia recorded in Acts.

Both may be wrong.


Recipies dating back to 14th Century This place located in a newly renovated old street, is more than a mere restaurant: But other than that, it’s not an outstanding place at all. First of all, it’s operated by amateur locals, so when serving a big group like ours, the service was far from being flawless: On the other hand, the place where we were seated was extremely cold and we almost froze during the whole lunch. But the upper floors we visited later on seemed to be better in terms of heat, we might have chosen the wrong spot to sit.

As for the meals, yes, it was a great experience to taste meals that dervishes centuries ago were eating but at least for me, the meals were not delicious and I would still be hungry at the end of the lunch if it weren’t for the bread.

profile from Turkey, Konya, Konya, hair Brown, eye Brown.

History[ edit ] The origin of carpet weaving remains unknown, as carpets are subject to use, wear, and destruction by insects and rodents. The history of rug weaving in Anatolia must be understood in the context of the country’s political and social history. Rug weaving was probably known already in Anatolia during this time, but no carpets are known today which can be dated back to this time. This is regarded as the beginning of the ascendancy of the Seljuq Turks.

Travelers’ reports and the Konya fragments[ edit ] In the early fourteenth century, Marco Polo wrote in the account of his travels: Abu’l-Fida , citing Ibn Sa’id al-Maghribi refers to rug export from Anatolian cities in the late 13th century: He and the Moroccan merchant Ibn Battuta mention Aksaray as a major rug weaving center in the early-to-mid th century. These carpets from the Anatolian Seljuq Period — are regarded as the first group of Anatolian rugs.

Eight fragments were found in by F. Where exactly these carpets were woven is unknown. The field patterns of the Konya rugs are mostly geometric, and small in relation to the carpet size. Similar patterns are arranged in diagonal rows:

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