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A wide variety of Western modern organized fannish subcultures originated with science fiction fandom , the community of fans of the science fiction and fantasy genres. Science fiction fandom dates back to the s and maintains organized clubs and associations in many cities around the world. Fans have held the annual World Science Fiction Convention since , along with many other events each year, and has created its own jargon , sometimes called ” fanspeak “. Friedman and Robert Asprin have been members of the organization. Harry Potter fans dressed as Hogwarts students Media fandom split from science fiction fandom in the early s with a focus on relationships between characters within TV and movie media franchises, such as Star Trek and The Man from U. The MediaWest convention provided a video room and was instrumental in the emergence of fan vids , or analytic music videos based on a source, in the late s.

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We first acknowledged each other while paired to race against each other during morning PT. After that race we quickly became friends. A year later we became roommates and shared a very small living space for a year and managed not to kill each other. James and Shannon are also very close and for a brief period of time he tried to steal her from my side of the aisle to be a goom’s lady. Thankfully, I won and I look forward to having her in our wedding party.

Maggie and I are probably the most similar personality-wise in my family.

Project for Awesome – A yearly charity fundraiser that uses the power of YouTube to do good. It was turned into a movie! Why haven’t you covered issue X in a Vlogbrothers video?

She started acting since childhood and has earned a lot of recognition for her diverse acting skills. Sinclair practices Yoga and exercises regularly. She grew up with her siblings in the USA. She completed her education at the Dallas University. She used to go camping with her grandpa. Jaz Sinclair’s Career Jaz Sinclair started off her career very soon at the age of 15 in


He has one older brother, Jason Thomas Fischbach, who is an artist and author of the webcomic Twokinds. He does not censor the profanity in his videos, although he often subtitles his curses as “duck” sometimes “luck” for “fuck” and “itch” for “bitch”. He is known for branding his channel with a pink mustache a reference to his alter ego, Wilford Warfstache and has since dyed his hair pink, blue, and red. He has also been involved in Make-A-Wish Foundation to meet fans.

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An Abundance of Katherines Author: John Green Year of Publication: Printz Award annually honors the best book written for teens, based entirely on its literary merit, each year. In addition, the Printz Committee names up to four honor books, which also represent the best writing in young adult literature. Colin is a lonely child who loves to anagram everything and chooses to study hours upon hours a day to learn all that he can.

His father thought this would make him a genius but Colin did not become a genius, he stayed a prodigy child. The story starts the day after high school graduation when he recently is dumped by Katherine His best friend Hassan Harbish who is Muslim and no he is not a terrorist, which he makes clear multiple times throughout the story and Colin part Jewish decide they need to get away.

They go on a road trip and end up in Gutshot, Tennessee. They stop here to see the supposed burial ground of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, who was shot in the gut and was later turned famous by being the one to start WWI. In , a Serb nationalist assassinated him. Hollis even invited the boys to stay with her and Lindsey while they are in town.

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One of his cousins, Hyung-bae, is an actor in Korea. Originally, Fischbach studied to become a biomedical engineer at the University of Cincinnati , [12] but dropped out of college to pursue his YouTube career. Currently he lives and films in Los Angeles, California, and has been dating girlfriend Amy Nelson since He does not censor the profanity in his videos, although he often subtitles his curses as “duck” sometimes “luck” for “fuck” and “itch” for “bitch”.

He is known for branding his channel with a pink mustache a reference to his alter ego, Wilford Warfstache and has since dyed his hair pink, blue, and red. He has also been involved in Make-A-Wish Foundation to meet fans.

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Podcasts are a thing now! This is literally us, every single day: So now that YouTubers are migrating to iTunes and SoundCloud in masses, who should you spend your precious half hour school commute listening to? Also, if you love a good poop story, this is definitely the podcast for you. If you’re a fan of Kingsley’s sassy Overexposed segments on his YouTube channel, then tune into this spicy podcast.

You’ve got yourself a winner. From lifestyle advice to body positivity and online dating woes, this podcast has it ALL. Join Jenna and Julien for an unfiltered, occasionally drunk, but always hilarious chat. If you’ve ever wondered what day to day life was like working as a Palaeontologist or a Comic Book Illustrator then this should definitely be on your ‘To Download’ list.

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Follow-up to Part I Considering the number of openly transgender citizens in the U. Nor, based on their overwhelmingly regret-less testimony see page 21 of APA Task Force Report on Treatment of Gender Identity Disorder , is this entirely or even mostly a passing phase of childhood identity fluidity. None of this is to say gender dysphoria is a mental illness in the stigmatized sense of the term — while no one with mental illness deserves dehumanization or disrespect, we have no reasons to believe transgender people are in any way more prone to hostile behavior in the way someone suffering from, for example, borderline personality disorder may be.

With these easily agreed-upon premises in mind, what conclusions can we draw? I can identify at least three seemingly exclusive perspectives, which may not be beyond harmony.

From lifestyle advice to body positivity and online dating woes, this podcast has it ALL. Very funny. Much Wow. Must Download. The Vlogbrothers’ Dear Hank & John. Sit back, close your eyes and listen to Hank and John dish out some of their very questionable advice on this podcast. Most of each episode spent answering questions about.

Don’t smoke,” in his posthumous anti-smoking ad. They must be phonies or trying to avoid copyright issues, though, because most of the quotes are Beam Me Up Scotties. It’s a crude example, but the commercial never said “I’m Mr. Put your balls in my mouth. What it actually says in this commercial is ‘Put your balls in my top, I’m Mr Bucket, out of my mouth they will pop’. The infamous ads for Evony do not include the phrase “Play now, my lord! Mikey, the kid from the Life cereal commercials in the s and ’80s, will not “eat anything” despite the phrase being remembered as “Let’s give it to Mikey, he’ll eat anything!

One of the brothers disagrees, saying, “He won’t eat it. Averted in a commercial for the jewelry store Jared. A man’s car navigation system starts acting like HAL , but gets the famous quote right. I’m afraid I can’t do that. The long version started with the camera on John Roselius saying “Is there anyone out there who still isn’t clear about what doing drugs does? This is drugs,” indicating the skillet, not the egg.

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When they first meet, Shrek tries covering the donkey’s mouth and he still keeps talking. The radio from The Brave Little Toaster is a chatterbox who usually phrases his dialogue as radio broadcasts about Teddy Roosevelt. When Dean lets Hogarth have some espresso described as “Coffee-zilla” , the boy launches into a rambling rant about school, ending with the expected request for more coffee. Once you get Tulip yammering, she doesn’t shut up.

Especially if she’s forced to talk to herself out of boredom. Junior, being played by Andy Samberg, has a habit of explaining things very quickly under his breath.

Reunion videos are my favorite videos on the vlogbrothers channel, but they are rare because of this distance between the brothers. Hank and John are always on the top of their game when playing off of one another and this podcast highlights that and more.

This post is about sex. This post talks about rape and sexual abuse and has the potential to be triggering. This post is kind of long. Sometimes there are questions that I avoid until you guys make me confront them head on. I’ve talked before about why I don’t think it’s fair to jump to conclusions about people who have sex outside of marriage or who wait until they’re married to have sex.

There are too many judgments and assumptions on both sides of the equation, and no two people are exactly the same. I’ve also linked to a blog post by John Green about how actually attaching a concrete definition to “sex before marriage” is all but impossible. But as someone who identifies as a person of faith and comes from a community of faith that says in no uncertain terms that you shouldn’t be having sex outside of marriage, I figured I’d have to defend my own personal views sooner or later.

So here I am, after having received a comment on my previous post essentially saying that the problems of sexual assault would go away if we just kept sex within marriage.

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The Fault in Our Stars: Elisabeth Carter 3 January If you frequent YouTube, chances are you will have heard of John Green, one half of popular vlogging duo the Vlogbrothers. Their channel has over , subscribers, and they are considered some of the most influential figures on the site.

Every language has words and concepts with no single equivalent in other languages. For example, there is no “logic” nor “romance” in Chinese (ok, there are modern day phonetic translations).

As he explains, “I myself was once a guy from Florida who was obsessed with the dying words of famous people and then left home to attend a boarding school in Alabama. From the smoking hole to the swing Pudge and Alaska sat on, John Green based the entire setting off of his high school. Characters are loosely based on his high school experiences, including smoking cigarettes in the woods instead of going to class. From the same book talk, Green also stated that the possessed swan in Culver Creek came from his student life at Indian Springs School as well, where there was also a swan of similar nature on the campus.

The two pranks that occur in the book are similar to pranks that Green pulled at his high school. During the week of July 29, , Looking for Alaska broke into the New York Times best seller list at number ten in Children’s Paperback, weeks more than seven years after it was released. How will I ever get out of this labyrinth! Alaska sets Pudge up with a Romanian classmate, Lara. Unfortunately, Pudge and Lara have a disastrous date, ending with a concussed Pudge throwing up on Lara. Alaska and Pudge grow closer and he begins to fall in love with her, although she insists on keeping their relationship platonic because she has a boyfriend that she insists she loves.

On his first night at Culver Creek, Pudge is kidnapped and thrown into a lake by the “Weekday Warriors,” rich schoolmates who blame the Colonel and his friends for the expulsion of their friend, Paul. There is much tension between Pudge’s friends and the Weekday Warriors because of Paul’s expulsion.

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You don’t really need a skill, with a personality and the ability to entertain and inform an audience the only prerequisites. YouTube isn’t evil because it places advertisements at the beginning Read More , which means that YouTube is something they do in addition to a job or school. Why would anyone go to all the effort of constantly filming, editing, and producing videos for little to no pay?

Fandom is a subculture composed of fans characterized by a feeling of empathy and camaraderie with others who share a common interest. Fans typically are interested in even minor details of the object(s) of their fandom and spend a significant portion of their time and energy involved with their interest, often as a part of a social network with particular practices (a fandom); this is what.

Which English words do not have equivalents in other languages? Jeffry Larson, Hamden, CT USA To the best of my knowledge, “shallow” cannot be said in one word in French “peu profond” ; another difficult word to translate is “cogent” how different is it from “coherent”? Maryse Petros, Toulouse France Every language has words and concepts with no single equivalent in other languages. For example, there is no “logic” nor “romance” in Chinese ok, there are modern day phonetic translations.

The worst I’ve found is “insight”. Alejandro Pareja, Madrid Spain A frind of mine says that there is no foreign equivalent for the word “stuff” in it’s “collection of things” sense. There are some words in Portuguese without English equivalents too, starting with “Jarrete” the back of the knees and “tez” face skin F. You can’t say that you “miss” something in Japanese for example. I would guess that there are lots of slang words in particular that don’t quite carry the same flavour or meaning of the English original.

Sam, Higashine Japan I don’t think there is an English word that can’t be translated into any other language, but specific examples for specific languages abound. Sam, Higashine Japan Until the rise of the fashion magazine of the same name, I always had trouble explaining ‘glamour’ to Polish learners.

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