They are doing well in both group and solo activities. They have extended their range of works to dramas, movies, musicals, and more. Problem is, the disbanding rumours that arise with their solo activities. Speculations have been overwhelming with no signs of stopping every year. Rumours have surfaced after the release of this album as well. And so, BEG has spoken. We will become great sonbaes.

Here’s The Dating History Of Each Member Of GOT7

Top star A is in a slump these days. Up until a while ago, he’s been double dating top stars B and C, even going on vacation to Japan with B, but it seems that both relationships have come to an end. C had actually been overheard revealing to her associates that “A is just a sexual partner, the relationship is not problematic for me. One industry insider said, “A lot of people think it’s unfortunate the situation A is in but unlike the clean image he’s known for, he’s actually quite different on the inside.

Lee Min Ho B:

Apr 15,  · Ten years is a long time, and the past decade has been good to the long running MBC variety show We Got ’s spawned global editions and even was licensed to China for its own version, and through it all the original continues to generate buzz as onscreen couples come and go.

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Lucky for Hana, she has a great one in Jin-yi, always up for a drink or a dance or whatever Hana needs. He sees her, and resolves to make Hana give up her crush on him. Hana is sitting right there and Jung-seok is very aware of her, and though his initial instinct is to turn it down, he glares over at Hana and accepts.

The netizens that spotted this photo said, “They really are dating”, “The sticker photos are plain evidence!” claiming that JoKwon-Gain are actually dating. However, this photo later revealed to be wrongly interpreted.

And it is not because of his slow way of speech. Kang is one who will listen to a question, remain silent for a long time and give his answer just when you are about to ask another question because you thought he would not answer your previous question. He is an actor who will think over both the question and answer in his head thorougly, check how geniune his answer is and then speak. You had quit smoking when starting to film “M” — have you taken it up again? I failed to quit. It’s hard not to smoke while working on a film because you get stressed.

And you also go out to drink a lot after shoots so I’d smoke once in a while when I do. I’m going to try quitting again next year. I think the rough time the actors and directors have on set is different though.

ssangchu couple

Monday, June 20, British born John Galliano has been designing his own brand for Charts Success, Age of Feeling The fact that Kim Hyun Joong has taken the 1 spot on the Oricon chart for the 5th time in I was happy and heart broken at the same time. Monday, August 29,

Aug 22,  · Music Program With Jejung And Yuchun’s Appearance Will Be Broadcasted THE ALFEE’s Sakazaki Konosuke’s music program, “Sakazaki Konosuke’s Odaiba Folk Music Delux 26th Night”, which Jejung and.

This is about a kpop idol who has a lot of issues with self-acceptance. The story revolves around the industry. But, I do not depict the real kpop industry in any way, I just use it as an inspiration. There can be coincidences but again, everything is fictional. There are going to be a lot of original characters. The original characters do not represent any real-life celebrities or persons in particular but, they are inspired from the issues present in the industry and the society.

I’m not a Korean and I’m getting to know the Korean culture. So, If I make any mistakes, please let me know in the comments. BTS’ members ages are accurate as per the real life.

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Harry Potter – Rated: M – English – Romance – Chapters: However a new reality TV show is looking for couples that are willing to swap lives with another couple. Naruto decides to enter to try winning the prize and save his marriage. But he might get more than what the original prize has to offer.

You have to think what do you really want to do. Either you want to get over that person or you just want to stop obsessing over them. Sometimes, clarity is all you need to progress and face reality.

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Aforementioned content profiles contain information regarding the authentic’s treasures, work life, authority sexy, and even more. No, I don’t do that.

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Heart of the Phoenix by Kylenne reviews The Lich King’s domain has long been feared as a frozen hell of death and despair. However, for the Prince of the Sin’dorei and the one whom legend calls The Betrayer, it is only the beginning of something more powerful. Then came the Hogwarts letter, and a world of intriguing new possibilities to exploit.

Harry Potter – Rated: Now the gang are eager to get back to Pegasus and to take the city they call home with them.

Apr 07,  · The identity of Oh Bang Shil has been shrouded in mystery ever since Jo Kwon bought it up during the sauna episode. Since then, the name has cropped up several times, with Ga-In showing her jealousy at Jo Kwon’s supposedly first love.

Posted 20 February – You got first place today in the music program? I was bawling laughs. My mother came to watch today, and she was waving at me from the audience section after the announcement. I saw that and felt like crying. If you compare it placing first in music programs to placing first in various music charts, how was it? I was happier when we placed first in the music charts.

It was the first time the number ‘1’ was besides 2AM’s name. We were running around the dorm because we were so happy. Is there a certain sense of pride because you guys placed first as a ballad group although dance groups are the current trend right now? I would like it if people don’t label us as a ballad group. I just want to be called a ‘singer.

Then do you want to change the fact that all your title songs are ballads? I want to try a unique song that requires performance.


This may be because the boys have been signed into traineeship at relatively young ages, and because JYP Entertainment has years of no-dating policy for its managing artists. Still, the boys share hopes to try dating when they have the time and opportunity. JB Your browser does not support video. Before I went to see her, I would plan a trip.

She lived far away from me, so I had to take the bus early morning to go see her once a week. Later, during a radio interview with Cultwo, JB briefly mentioned not having dated as many times as Jackson has.

Jul 01,  · You still smile at me brightly and look like you really like it. You’re an angel. You are my angel. so let’s try dating each other” believe me i was spazzing while reading the lyrics!! TOTALLY A SONG FOR THE ADAM COUPLE!! aigoooo jokwon and gain must date already >.

Hyun Joong openly admitted that he was in a relationship with a famous celebrity before when he appeared on SBS’s ‘Strong Heart’. He made the revelation after stating that he wasn’t one to lie and said that the other party was also a famous celebrity. He added that the both of them did what most couples do together when they were on dates such as going fishing, going on for drives and going to the movies. He was in a relationship with her for about five months. He also said that he did not keep his relationship in the dark and that they had even gone to eat sashimi at an open market together.

His members, Hyung Joon and Jung Min stated that they were unaware of the relationship, but Eun Ji claimed to have knowledge of their relationship, creating much curiousity amongst everyone present. They asked what kind of girl he dated and he answered that she was someone who was very easy going and cool.

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I really would love to meet him. While I was touring around Japan, I took pictures of his advertisements. The other Girls’ Generation members made fun of me and said I am just like one of the Japanese ladies who visit Korea for Bae Yong Joon.

The program follows the participating celebrities who are coupled as husband and wife as they portray the lives of newly weds. Although they were initially only supposed to feature for the Chuseok Special that aired on October 3rd, their appearance brought in the highest ratings yet for Season II, and they were announced a permanent couple. Jo Kwon and Ga In were originally dubbed the “Adam-Eve Couple” due to both of their inexperience in love and relationships.

Yet nowadays they are more commonly known as the “Adam Couple” or Adams because of their small stature and their young age. The latter two being both combination of their names. Nuna is a term used by males to address older females. Dongsaeng is a term used by both male and female to address a person younger than them. This is one of the accomplishment that hasn’t been achieved by any We Got Married couples before.

Jo Kwon Girlfriend ? [ENGSUB]

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